User management improvements and new Azure regions launched

In this week's updates to Aiven we've greatly enhanced project membership management as well as launched Aiven in five new Azure regions.


Project membership improvements

Project membership management improvements make it easier to share the ownership and management responsibilities of an Aiven project between multiple users in one organization.  You can now promote other team members to project administrators, allowing them to invite more members to the project and to adjust billing settings.

We've also updated project invite functionality to allow inviting users who haven't yet registered their Aiven accounts.  Such users are invited to sign up to Aiven and once they've signed up the console will display pending invitations for them.  Pending invitations are shown for all users and projects in the console.

These improvements make it easier for multiple users to start collaborating in Aiven.

New Azure regions launched

We're happy to announce immediate availability of Aiven in five new Azure regions:  All Aiven services are now available in Azure Japan West (Osaka), Japan East (Tokyo), East Asia (Hong Kong), Southeast Asia (Singapore) and Brazil South (São Paulo) regions.

Pricing updates

To reflect the cost differences between different cloud providers and regions we have adjusted pricing of new services in Amazon Web Services and Azure clouds.  Pricing in most AWS regions has been increased for new plans; the prices for current Aiven users will stay unchanged until the end of 2016

We have no plans for changing Google Cloud, DigitalOcean or UpCloud pricing in the foreseeable future.

We'd also like to remind you about Aiven's unique feature allowing seamless migrations between cloud providers, making it possible to migrate services to different clouds if needed.

Trying Aiven is free, no credit card required

Our free trial program is still open: you will receive US$10 worth of free credits at sign-up which you can use to try any of our service plans.

Go to https://aiven.io/ to get started!

We value your feedback

We are always interested in ways of making our service better. Please send your feedback and suggestions via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or using our support system.


Aiven brings easy, powerful hosted databases to Microsoft Azure

We are proud to announce that Aiven is now available in the Microsoft Azure cloud!

The services available initially at launch in Microsoft Azure are Aiven PostgreSQL, Aiven Redis, Aiven Elasticsearch, Aiven Kafka, Aiven InfluxDB and Aiven Grafana.

Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure is a leading global cloud provider and what makes them special is their high number of data centers around the world, currently totaling 30+.

All Aiven services will be available in all generally available Azure regions, bringing nineteen new cloud regions to Aiven and setting the total number of supported data centers to 47, making us the cloud database provider with the widest geographic availability in the world!

The first batch of new cloud regions immediately available are from Azure North America and Europe. Azure Asia and South America regions will follow soon and will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Here's an updated world map showing our supported data center locations. The new Azure regions are the light blue ones:

Microsoft Azure provides numerous services from computing resources to higher level services like machine learning. See azure.microsoft.com for more information about their services.

The new Aiven regions that are immediately available are:

  • United States
    • Iowa - Azure: Central US
    • Virginia - Azure: East US
    • Virginia - Azure: East US 2
    • Illinois - Azure: North Central US
    • Texas - Azure: South Central US
    • California - Azure: West US
    • Washington - Azure: West US 2
    • Wyoming - Azure: West Central US
  • Canada
    • Ontario - Azure: Canada Central
    • Quebec - Azure: Canada East
  • Europe
    • Ireland - Azure: North Europe
    • Netherlands - Azure: West Europe
    • England - Azure: UK South
    • Wales - Azure: UK West
  • Asia
    • Hong Kong - Azure: East Asia (available in the coming weeks)
    • Singapore - Azure: Southeast Asia (available in the coming weeks)
    • Tokyo, Japan - Azure: Japan East (available in the coming weeks)
    • Osaka, Japan - Azure: Japan West (available in the coming weeks)
  • South America
    • Brazil - Azure: Brazil South (available in the coming weeks)
New services can be launched in these regions today and using the Aiven zero-downtime migration, it is also possible to easily migrate existing services to Azure!

All of the Aiven services offer worry-free fully automated DBaaS hosting, including offsite backups, automatic failure recovery and hardened security.

We will continue to expand our Database-as-a-Service offering in both cloud and region support and by adding more services. We are always looking for feedback on what to improve so feel free to let us know if you have ideas on what you'd love to see us support next.

Go to aiven.io to get started! Free $10 credits at registration, no credit card required. Services are billed by the hour.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of our customers who participated in our beta testing phase!

    Aiven team