Even bigger PostgreSQL plans now available

We've just launched the new 64, 120 and 160 style PostgreSQL plans in multiple clouds. These new plans allow you to run larger and larger PostgreSQL instances in the cloud. The new plans are available in our Startup, Business and Premium flavors supporting various levels of high-availability. The number after the plan flavor designates the RAM available for database in use in the plan. CPU count and storage also grow with larger plans giving you more resources to run your transactions.

All of the new plans are available in both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, and the 64 and 120 plans are also available in UpCloud. We hope we can offer bigger plans in DigitalOcean in the near future as well.

The pricing for our new plans is available on our PostgreSQL service page.  Remember that trying out Aiven is free, you'll receive US$10 free credits on sign up which allows you to run one of our huge new plans for some hours, or a small instance for a couple of weeks.

Team Aiven


  1. Any plans on larger plans in Azure any time soon?

  2. The biggest Aiven PostgreSQL plans publicly available in Azure have 16 CPUs and 64 gigabytes of RAM. We're working on providing bigger plans (120, 160 and 256 gigabytes of RAM) in Azure in the near future. We can also provide custom plans on request, please send us an email to sales@aiven.io for more details.



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