Aiven PostgreSQL tutorial

Here's a short overview of the Aiven PostgreSQL's web console. The console is where the magic happens and you can launch your fully managed databases in seconds!

Developers: We also provide a full HTTP REST API and a powerful command-line client.


Aiven PostgreSQL now available in UpCloud

We're proud to announce that Aiven, the next generation cloud database service platform is now available in UpCloud's datacenters.

UpCloud Ltd is a European cloud hosting company selling highly performant cloud services. See https://www.upcloud.com/ for more information.

The new Aiven regions that are immediately available are EU Finland (UpCloud), EU Germany (UpCloud), EU England (UpCloud) and US Illinois (UpCloud).

Along with the existing Aiven regions in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, this brings the current number of regions Aiven supports to seventeen.

Go to https://aiven.io/ to get started!

In the near future we'll also be adding DigitalOcean as a supported cloud provider.

We're always looking for feedback on what to improve so feel free to let us know if you have ideas on what you'd love to see us support next.

Aiven team


Aiven PostgreSQL is now publicly available

We're proud to announce Aiven, the next generation cloud database service platform.

Now you can use our high performance Aiven PostgreSQL 9.5 in Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Billed by the hour, Aiven takes care of database maintenance tasks for you, freeing your time on applications and business. Launch your databases in minutes and be assured that backups and fault tolerance is taken care for you. Select a suitable plan with monthly charge based only on your actual service usage.